Liberty for Massachusetts



In September, 2006, the Libertarian party of Massachusetts held a State Convention.  A new State Committee was elected.  The new members are Carol McMahon (Chair), George Phillies (Vice Chair), Mary-Anne Wolf (Recording Secretary), David Roscoe (Membership Secretary), Walter Ziobro (Treasurer), Stephanie Woiciechowski (Editor), Bill Hees (Webmaster), Arthur Torrey, Bob Underwood,  and Steve Drobnis. The current owner of the LPMA.ORG URL refused to transfer ownership of the URL to the LPMA State Committee.  The State Party web site was migrated to so that the State Party would own its own web site. 

The new LPMA Officers are largely the same as the Liberty for Massachusetts officers.  After some consideration, Liberty for Massachusetts was put into a state of suspended animation. The  web pages remain active.



LfM sets political goals:

    At its September 2005 meeting, the Liberty for Massachusetts State Organizing Committee voted unanimously to approve a motion:

An intermediate term objective for Liberty for Massachusetts should be recruiting 81 candidates for State Representative, so that there are libertarian candidates for a majority of all seats in the lower house of the state legislature. 

This objective is targeted for achievement over the next 3-4 election cycles.


What We’ll Do For You

Liberty for Massachusetts brings to our fellow libertarians in Massachusetts an organization focused on doing political work, to help you gain

To help libertarian activists, people like you, we’re here to help you

When you want to get involved, just remember: Liberty for Massachusetts. We are not currently accepting memberships: please support the Libertarian party of Massachusetts, .  The same people are still here, still ready to help you, now available through

A Message from our Chair

The primary objective of Liberty for Massachusetts was to reform Libertarian party politics in Massachusetts, to create an effective channel for partisan libertarian political activity, and to end harmful cults of personality.  Market competition was the path we chose to resolve these challenges.

The market has triumphed!  Admittedly, there are now challenges to reconstructing the LPMA, which has lost most of its membership due to an extended period of total inactivity, but those challenges can and will be overcome.

George Phillies

      Chair, Liberty for Massachusetts